Top 5 Comfortable Shoes I Love For The Office

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of comfort when it comes to clothes. This does not change when it comes to shoes, (especially for the office!).

As an accountant, I typically spend a lot of my day sitting at my desk. However, I find that the walking commute in heels to the office, to client sites for meetings, lunch and to the gym can be quite painful (especially over long distances on uneven/steep footpaths). As such, whenever I’m picking out a work shoe,  I always try look for something comfortable (and of course, stylish!).

In order to maximise comfort, I tend to stick to thick block heels, as they provide more balance and support, and kitten heels due to the lower heel height. I also make sure I buy leather as they are soft on the skin, of higher quality and durability (this is important as you wear them everyday!). At the moment, my favourite go to stores are Nine West and Wittner! Their classic yet fun styles at affordable prices keep me coming back!

Shoes I’m Loving:

1. Wittner – Packham Black Leather Pointed Toe Loafer (Heel Height: 0.5 cm)

2. Ninewest – Sasheen Black Leather (Heel Height: 6 cm)

3. Ninewest – Xuxa Black Leather (Heel Height: 4 cm)

4. Ninewest – Pruce Black Leather (Heel Height: 6 cm)

5. Wittner – Dalena Black Leather (Heel Height: 6.2cm)

Please note that all of the styles I displayed above come in nude and various other colours and leather types/textures; I just love mine in black. Visit the website link embedded for more style options and information.

So, what are your favourite go to heels for the office and go to shoe stores? Would you like me to go into more detail on what makes a shoe comfortable or how to make heels more comfortable? Let me know in the comments below!

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