Comfortable Winter Outfit

Balancing an outfit that exudes chic but also wears comfortably is sometimes a difficult task. I needed an outfit that I could wear all day. First, to lunch at Automata in Chippendale (their 5 course lunch option was delicious by the way!), then to Karaoke in the city in the afternoon and finally, to the Sydney Observatory for some star gazing in the evening. I knew I would be doing a lot of walking so I needed to be practical.

After a few outfit changes, I settled on the above. I paired my favourite grey eyelash knit jumper from Ally, with my faux leather Zara mini skirt; and topped off the ensemble with thick black stockings and heeled boots from Mollini.

My feet did feel sore by the end of the day from all that walking; but it was a day well done.

What are your favourite go-to chic but comfortable outfits?

One thought on “Comfortable Winter Outfit

  1. This is a great outfit for being around town. It’s a look I’ve always loved and haven’t worn enough. We’re finally started to cool down here in Florida, and I can’t wait to rock a look like this. Love it 💜


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